In words, colors, arrangement or thematic style, how well are you telling your company’s story?

Better Performance Starts With More Compelling Storytelling

Monica Ballard – The Performance Muse
  • Brand Mining – We find what makes you … YOU!
  • Story Telling – Utilize innovative ways to tell your story
  • Polishing Your Performance – Write / Tell / Show BETTER

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Monica L. Ballard

The Performance Muse – Wizard of Ads Partner


Life is one big story. It’s YOUR story. So why not tell it in a more memorable way?


More than ever, as a partner with Wizard of Ads, helping people tell the stories of their businesses, family, struggles and triumphs is my life’s work. My tools are live theatre, presentations, audio & video recordings, music, graphics – whatever is handy, whatever stretches out and excites an audience with power and effectiveness. 

So welcome. Have a seat. Tell me …


What’s your story, my friend? Let’s tell the world!